Emergency Preparedness

Would you be ready if our area was faced with an emergency? Do you have an emergency supply kit? Have you made your emergency plans? How will you stay informed, and be involved in helping your family and our community to be ready? What about your pets? We have made it easy for you to access the local and Federal government sites to prepare for different kinds of disasters, including hurricanes. Use the links on this page to get connected and be prepared.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal CDC Emergency & Preparedness & Response Site

State Emergency Management

County Home Page

County Fire District

County Sheriff's Office

City Police Home Page

Local Red Cross

Weather Information Sites:

Hurricane Center ~ AccuWeather

National Weather Service ~ Melbourne

National Hurricane Service

Links to other important information:

How to Drive Safely Before, During and After a Hurricane Disaster

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Parents

Organize and Prepare for Hurricane Disasters

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors

Disaster First Aid and Health Safety

Hurricane Recovery: Getting the Most from Your Homeowners Insurance

Lake Forest
Lake Forest Emergency Preparedness